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From Hilary, a mother of three in Cumbria.
When I first had my daughter I knew very little about real nappies. I was concerned about the amount of disposables we were throwing in the bin every week but had the impression that washing nappies would be really hard work. A lady I met at baby massage class showed me what she was using for her child so I found out where she bought them from. I got some with the idea that even if I didn't like them I would still be throwing less dirty nappies in the rubbish.

I bought shaped terry nappies which fastened with poppers and waterproof pants to go over the top. The first thing that I noticed, was the lack of leaks compared to the disposables I had been using. My daughter was breastfed and unfortunately each time I fed her she filled her nappy. When we used disposables this often meant that liquid poo shot out of the back of her nappy right up to her neck. Not only did I have to change all of her clothes but sometimes mine too as she stained my sleeve where I had been holding her! This remarkably stopped altogether using real nappies and although I was washing the nappies I wasn't running out of baby clothes nearly as fast as before.

Apart from not having to haul massive multi packs of disposables home from the supermarket, another pleasant surprise was the washing. The nappies could be washed in my machine at 40 degrees with the non bio powder I used for the rest of my washing and the ones I had bought didn't take particularly long to dry.

To cut a long story sort I was converted within a very short time of trying real nappies, so much so that the nappies I used for my first child went on to be worn by my second and third children. I have really had my moneys worth out of them and I'm so glad I switched.

Kate, mum of two from Endmoor.
I decided to use washables to save money and reduce the waste I was sending to landfill. I thought it may take a bit more effort than disposables but I was surprised at how easy the nappies are to use. The washing takes no time, just empty the bucket into the machine, press the on button and they come out clean.

Donna from Kendal
I was amazed at how well the washable nappies contained runny breastfed baby poo, they where as good if not better than the disposables I had been using and they had the added bonus of looking very cute and saving me money.

Catherine, mother of one from Kendal
My mum had told me horror stories about smelly buckets and leaking nappies, but a friend encouraged me to give washables a go. I was surprised that they have changed so much form the days of plastic pants and pins and with modern day washing machines they are easy to get clean. I am now a real nappy convert and love showing of my baby's cloth bum under her dresses.

Sarah from Whitehaven
Using real nappies is great. As long as you keep on top of the washing, you never run out, and having a stash of terry nappies is handy for when you do need a stop-gap until your regular cloth nappies are dry. Knowing that each nappy change isn't contributing to landfill gives you a warm feeling too. We've had no nappy rash, and nappy pins are a thing of the past, thanks to the invention of the nappi nippa (a clever rubber gadget with plastic grips that hold the nappy together). We wash the nappies at 40 oC and add some sanitiser to the wash - it's easy.

There are so many different styles and brands of nappy available that the prospect of shopping for them can be daunting at first, but given a little research, choosing your nappies can be a real joy and it is so exciting when they arrive.

Daniel, dad of one in Kendal
I can't imagine how we would fit two weeks of disposables into the wheely bin! When I see the neighbours trying to compress all the nappies into the bin it confirms that washables were the right choice for us.

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